The Old York Hospital of Australia.



York is an old settlement town located about one hundred kilometers (sixty-two miles) east of Perth in West Australia. The town is full of old stone buildings, but it is the former hospital that is known to be haunted, even while it was in operation.

A former matron (who worked at the hospital in the 1920s) said “There was always something terrifying about the upstairs rooms. The hospital staff refused to go up there alone, and even when the ward was full of patients, the nurses always made their rounds in pairs.”

The hospital is a large gray building surrounded by trees but wildlife seems to avoid the place, rarely coming close to the structure. In recent years, the building has been turned into a hostel and rented out. Many groups who have stayed in the old hospital now turned hostel have reported terrifying paranormal experiences.

In 1980, members of a children’s athletic club and their adult supervisors stayed for a week in the hostel. Late on the first night of their stay, sounds of moaning started to come from INSIDE the walls. The source was never found but repeated several nights in a row. The next morning, during breakfast, a large china jug levitated and smashed to the floor in front of two women.

Right after breakfast, two of the youngest children were attacked by unseen presence in the hallway. One of the girls started screaming “Hold me! Hold me! I can’t sit down! Stop them! STOP THEM!” She was then thrown against a glass paneled door at the end of the hall. The impact was so hard it totally shattered the thick glass, gashing her arm to the bone when she tried to protect her head with her hand.  She was rushed to the hospital and stitched back together to stop the bleeding. The next day, a boy went into shock when he witnessed a partial human figure materialize out of thin air with its hand on the door knob of the now broken door.

The intensity of the haunting continued to escalate, usually in the afternoon. One of the supervisors was kicked in the back by an invisible force, doors would slam shut onto people, injuring the as they walked through doorways, invisible needles were felt to be injecting themselves into an adult woman’s flesh and the stench of rotting meat filled the building. By the end of the third day, both adults and children were sleeping in one room to protect themselves from their invisible attackers.

After that, the presence seemed to be focused in the downstairs area, near the stairway, in a room known as the Dying Room. The Dying Room had been bolted shut when the group arrived but had sense unlocked itself on the third day.

The caretaker of the building tried to downplay the group’s experiences but did admit that other groups who had rented the former hospital turned hostel had reported similar experiences and he had no explanation for how the Dying Room had unlocked itself.  He did agree to provide a dog to help guard the group, but the dog refused to enter the structure. The group’s experiences were investigated by Miriam Howard-Wright, a local paranormal investigator who found the witnesses to be very credible.

The building was sold as recently as 2004 and is currently rumored to being renovated into a bed and breakfast.


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34 Responses to The Old York Hospital of Australia.

  1. raj dhindsa says:

    will you please tell me the history behind this hopital?

    • I am not quite sure of a specific event that could ever be tied down to the haunting or reports of paranormal activity. Many paranormal investigators theorize that hospitals, especially mental asylums, attract NHE’s or “Non Human Entities” that feed on the anguish and despair and mental energy inside these types of locations. I cannot say for sure if that is the case here, however,

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  3. Helen says:

    I stayed there in the early 1980’s with a school group. I saw a scary see through greyish apparition of a nurse/matron in the upstairs room. It was pacing hard towards me and yelling visibly (I could not hear it, but the face looked like it was yelling) I read it’s lips and it was saying “get out! get out!” and it pointed at me. It was very angry. I turned tail and tried to run down the stairs and I felt a presence try and push me down the stairs. It was very damn terrifying. I was very scared after that and wanted to go home. I also smelt a rotten smell there too. There seemed to be no birds around this building ever also.

  4. Coz says:

    After staying week as a child (now over 40) The building has changed. What I saw is still very vivid. The veranda has been closed in my self and another child spent time under that building. What I saw under there and what came home with me is still around me but I do not see them very often now as I guess I was more open as a child. My self and another child both saw and interacted with these er things we even gave it / them a name. Yes the hospital is alive and I can not explain what or how I know on here. Please don’t waste your time and mine telling me I’m a wako or some thing like that I know what I saw and some times still see. There is more than a building at that old hospital and what is around that hospital

  5. Renae says:

    It’s funny because I know the people who live there my nana also loved at the back of that place it’s not haunted the people live there all year round I think people see what they wanna see

    • markbrindley says:

      my name is mark,i don’t know what to believe, either people are lying about being there,a friend of mine spoke to a man outside the hospital a few weeks ago and said know one lives there, so whats the truth

  6. Renae says:

    And also that picture on the top of this is not a actual picture of the inside there study /library is green

    • Renae: I never said the photo above was anything but the exterior of the building. As for it being haunted or not, what is a haunting but a set of experiences? To deny one person’s experience and dismiss it when you have not experienced it or talked to the person who has had it seems rather short sighted. Always keep an open mind! Have a great day!

    • mark brindley says:

      what causes a place to be haunted,why York hospital? went to ask if a tour through the hospital was possible because of never having even been close apart from the road verge,was told it was now a private residence. if its so haunted,why and how could any one stay there.

      • Unfortunately, I do not know who currently owns the property. I highly discourage trespassing. As for why a place becomes haunted, that I cannot tell you. It could be one reason or it could be several or even none at all. We don’t know enough about paranormal experiences to give you a definitive answer. Always keep searching!

  7. mark brindley says:

    I must confess to having a fascination with the subject,seeking out supposed haunted buildings,i have never seen any apparition,but how would you know what you were looking for anyway. maybe some people are susceptible to the paranormal of what ever it is

    • Apparitions have been seen that are transparent and white like movie ghosts and other times they have been seen to be as seemingly as solid and real as living person to the point that the person who saw them didn’t know they were speaking to a dead person!

      • lachlan says:

        hi this all coll and stuff but last saturday it was halloween and i took a photo of it at 8:36 pm and i have been looking at it for a long time and i can see a dead persons face at the top of the balcony and its really freaky and i also saw a deformed face at the top left window and they are both just staring at me and it is really freaking me out. if you could get a photo of the inside that would be really good.

      • Are you saying that you have a photo that shows/has captured those faces? If you’d like me to look at it, I’d be happy to. You can email me it to me at, Subject: Photo Analysis. Are you also requesting I take a photo of the inside of the hospital? That may be slightly difficult since I do not live in Australia. I live in the United States. It would be a bit of a walk.

  8. mark brindley says:

    my fiancée and I went for a drive to York again,had lunch near the river,then I was curiouse as usual to find the supposed haunted buildings. we spoke to a woman at the old town hall,who wreckons there is a ghost there. we both went in I had a walk around, apart from going back to the past, the atmosphere seemed friendly. she said the realestate office across the road was spooky because it was called spooky hall,why its called that I don’t know,but apparently it isn’t. the castle hotel and pub she said the up stairs rooms were odd,particularly room 19. we had a drink and I went up there to see what it looked like. two main corridoors, one very narrow with rooms on either side,and the other corridor which felt lonely,only because no one was up there I guess. I haven’t seen inside the rooms,once again felt old I guess nothing else. its possible things only happen at night. I would only be convinced if some thing actually happened that was obviouse. I did ask the two bar ladies,they wreckon they wont go up to the rooms. they certainly wont make any money from people staying there if its that bad,or maybe the rooms are just unpleasant. its very easy to say some thing is haunted,and that will stop people instantly. I am very skeptical at present but have an open mind, its very easy to not believe people when you haven’t personally experienced anything. York is a lovely old town

  9. mark brindley says:

    iv read the variouse comments,the comment regarding lack of bird life,that could be any reason, my dad lives in wundowie,virtually no bird life there,but birds I find usually need some thing to attract them, bread crumbs or some disgarded food scraps,and more often than not,water sourse, I wouldn’t think lack of wildlife is any indication.

    • Thanks, Mark for your commentary. You do make excellent points, both about the birds and the being a skeptic with an open mind. I hope to one day get to visit Australia and see the site myself, if nothing else than for the history of the area and to learn a bit more about what life was like in that time long ago when the hospital was still active and thriving.

    • justlexie says:

      I was in York today, a couple of houses down from the old hospital and there was a surprisingly large amount of birdlife around. 🙂

      • Legends have a way of outgrowing their originators and memories have a way of being bigger than life. Simple days become omens and portents and a new urban mythology is born onto this strange crazy landscape!

  10. Paul Fogliani says:

    I stayed there a couple of times as a child in the 70s with a school camp etc. NOTHING!! Again.. NOTHING like that had happened. Only one door was ever locked and that was downstairs in the dining room. The caretaker was a kind older man and his dogs would often play with us. We roamed all over the building and no one had seen or heard anything. Of course, kids being kids we all told ghost stories etc. We played murder in the dark with torches, ran through the grounds even onto adjoining orchard/farms. Some of my fondest memories as a kid. The building never felt ominous or did we feel watched or any ‘paranormal’ going on’s. Also, who doesn’t take a camera on holiday, so they could have taken pictures etc ( from the so-called video story)

    • I’m glad you commented. Bear in mind, paranormal activity is not something that is repeatable and testable, hence why parapsychology is such a slowly progressing field of study. The events are often subjective, fleeting or occur once and never occur again. So because you had nothing happen to you, do not presume to write off someone else’s experience. I believe many factors and environmental elements much be correct in order for an experience to occur and for those things to align and produce an experience is extremely rare.

  11. Just came across this, your story is very inventive but is utter bullshit.

    The moaning was the caretaker winding them up as he’d told them the ghost story so decided to give them a ghost and the rest never happened. Though you did forget to mention he told them about the nurse who’s lover died in the war so drowned herself in the river nearby and the caretaker got a mop and left a wet trail up the front steps and down the hall for them to discover!

    The dog was never afraid of going in either, he used to come in there with me all the time.

    I grew up playing in that building in the early & mid 80’s and never saw anything but a dusty old building. It was never haunted.

    • Thanks for your feedback, however, this is not “my story” and it is not “inventive” on my part. This article is a collection of reports from different people who have been in the property had subjective experiences whilst there. As the blog’s purpose was stated, its main goal is to collect lore and legends from around the world with a smattering of my own experiences and occasionally a random side trip into my thoughts posted as well. When something is my personal experience or thoughts, I make it clear in the article. Legend and lore do not always conform to truth but there is usually a small nugget of truth in the depths of these stories somewhere and you know what they say about truth; often there is nothing so strange.

  12. ian parker says:

    I stayed there, for a week or so, in 1986, with a group of student teachers – lovely old building but, during that week, nothing spooky to comment about.

    • True unexplained experiences and events are so rare that nothing happened does not surprise me. I think that conditions have to be just right. I just wish I knew what those conditions were so that we could recreate them!

  13. Yk says:

    I first heard about this place from one of my old babysitters in the early 90’s in South WA, he mentioned going there for a school camp sometime in the mid 80’s, She told us about her roommates and herself being freaked out the by the light turning on and off on their own, coat hangers in the wardrobes shaking about and, while they were all huddled on a single bed, another one would squeak as if someone was sitting on it on and off.

    I remembered this for a long time before even finding out other people had intense stories of the place.

    • I’m not sure why but this post more than any other on my blog has gotten so much attention and so many emotional responses. Interesting! Thanks for sharing your story with me however!

      • Jilly says:

        Hi Anthony. FYI, the old hospital is privately owned these days by a lady who won’t allow tours at all. I’m writing a book, which involves the very first matron of the hospital when it opened in July1896, and even I couldn’t get to go inside for a look when I was there in April this year! I’ve long heard stories of people experiencing “activity” there, and this could well be due to the fact that it was a harsh land back then and only the poorer members of society were treated there, so they had lived a hard life. More affluent residents were treated in their own homes by the doctor. This also happened in Perth until the early 1900s.

  14. Is this building still there and if so may i please have a address

    • I believe the building is still standing and has been renovated into a private residence. I would not suggest attempting to visit the property uninvited and as its most likely a private home, I would not feel comfortable giving out the address if I had it (which I do not). Thanks for coming by however!

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