A Status Update: My brush with death.

I would like to apologize to my readers and followers. Recently, I fell ill with what I thought was a particularly nasty kidney or bladder infection and was treating it as such until one night I got so bad off with fever that my partner forced me to go to the emergency room (I dislike hospitals).

When we got there, I found out that I did not in fact have a bladder or kidney infection; what I had was actually acute perforated appendicitis and my gallbladder was also infected. Within hours, I was in emergency open surgery to remove both my gallbladder and my burst appendix as well as to clean out my abdomen.

My very skilled surgeon, Dr. Thomas, explained that my appendix had probably ruptured three days prior to my ER trip and was spewing highly dangerous staph and strep bacteria into my blood and body. He also made it clear that if I had not gotten to the ER when I did, that I would not have lived to see the end of the next day. I was hospitalized for well over two weeks and am now home recovering with a set of fresh new scars and sans two organs.

I will be blogging again about the paranormal and my experiences and definitely look forward to more Beyond the Forest Radio shows and adventures in the strange and unusual with Sanjay.

Thank you for your understanding.

— Anthony Justus.


About Anthony Justus

Paranormal investigator, writer, seeker of knowledge and truth in all its forms, dark and light. Nothing is what it seems; there is nothing so strange as truth and truth is elusive as the shadow cast in the deepest night.
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2 Responses to A Status Update: My brush with death.

  1. Tamera Milhorn says:

    I think your readers understand son.. I love you

  2. Wow, bless your heart and I am glad you are on the mend. Take care of yourself.

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