North Carolina: Hate Crime and My Thoughts.

NC State Seal B and W

For those of you who are readers of mine for all things scary and paranormal, I apologize to have to do this again but I feel I must. Once again, laws have been passed that do direct harm to people like me, people who did nothing wrong but be born the wrong way and I will not stand for it. I absolutely believe in loving my fellow man and these issues are important to me. If you feel that you can no longer follow me if I am not posting strictly paranormal topics to my personal blog, then I understand and wish you well. This post will contain graphic images. You are warned.

A bit of background.

On Wednesday, the NC legislature passed House Bill 2 and NC governor McCrory signed it into law. It was passed unanimously because the Democrats objected, were overruled and walked out in protest. Business after business is protesting this. Movie companies and major contributors to the NC economy are protesting this. None of it mattered. All that mattered was that the Republicans got their chance to hurt people. And they did. House Bill 2 is now law. It strips away every protection across the state for all LGBT people, even local ones. It makes it a crime for a transgender person to use any bathroom but that on their original birth certificate. It gives businesses and facilities the legal right to turn people away because the person is LGBT and therefore, would offend the businesses or facilities religious beliefs in serving that person. This law is so broad it could mean anything from restaurants to hospitals and those things are just the start of the insidious law.

When I was in college, gay rights were a frequent topic of my thesis papers. This action we are seeing now from our law makers, is the exact same type of hateful reactionary action taken by white supremacists back when integration was first made the law.

A similar incident of law making just happened in Georgia. Two gay men were at home, in their home, not bothering anyone, and their mother’s boyfriend walked in to their home, and threw boiling water onto them as they slept, cursing at them and when he was arrested, he said it was just a little hot water, that they’d be fine and that he did it because of his Biblical belief that being gay was wrong.  More on that story here:


The state will not be pressing hate crime charges against this man because the state of Georgia just repealed any protections it had for LGBT people at the state level, just like North Carolina did on Wednesday.  Only 17 states in the U.S.have hate-crimes laws that cover both sexual orientation and gender identity. However, if the federal government becomes involved, Blackwell could be prosecuted under federal hate-crimes law. That situation seems likely since the state itself will not be prosecuting him.

Now you know the background. I’ve already responded to Georgia via phone calls and letters to the governor. Here is my response to the North Carolina situation.

This is an open letter I just sent to NC Governor McCrory. I also urge you to call his office and let him know your thoughts. 919-814-2050 as I will also be doing.

Gov. McCrory,

I do not know where to start this message. I am literally speechless. That’s a rare thing for one as opinionated as myself. Consider it a privelage that you have rendered me so. I have a request. I need your help to understand the thinking, the thought process that went into approving House Bill 2.

I have a dear friend in North Carolina who is LGBT. He is a professor, a teacher, one who shapes our new generations and he is a great man. He is one of the rare teachers that actually loves to teach, engages his students, challenges them and is challenged in turn. Its because of people like him that the state of North Carolina will be a leader in the future of technology and education.

Or would have been had you and the Republicans in your legislature not painted a legal target on his back and that of every other LGBT person who lives in the state. Do you comprehend what you have done?

You have just given every business, every person and legal entity, from 911 to hospitals to housing authorities and foster systems and employers state-wide the ability to deny LGBT people assistance, to fire them or reject them based on the idea that being LGBT is a sin against the Christian Bible (let’s not mince words, governor. That was the basis here, wasn’t it, the Bible? I cannot see another rational explanation for this lunacy).

My friend and many like him have already been through absolute hell and having finally gotten to a safe space in life where their lives were looking positive and you and your legislators, your party, go and rip it away from them, all because of your religion and more than likely, your sponsors and those who make large donations to you from major conservative lobby tanks, like Focus on the Family.

I will never comprehend why money and social status is more important than loving your fellow human beings as your own. I mean, I’m not a Christian, but wasn’t that what that one middle eastern fellow said? Love your fellow man as your own? What was his name? Josh? JESUS. That’s his name. Jesus.

Not that for a moment I think you truly sincerely have moral or religious objections to LGBT people. You are just sucking the dicks of your sponsors and lobbyists so that they keep that money flowing to you like the whore of Babylon.

When I asked you at the start of this letter if you could explain to me the logical rational reasoning behind you signing this law into existence, I made an error. There is no way you can EVER explain this to me. There is no way you can ever make this action make rational logical sense because it doesn’t. This law and the behavior surrounding it wasn’t born of rational thought. It was born out of the need to protest and scream, to throw a tantrum because you aren’t getting your way, just as the south did back when integration was made law. Its the exact same thing.

You shame our country. You shame North Carolina. You will cost your state millions, maybe billions, in revenue and still you are willing to destroy your state to stick to your guns and hurt people. Hell, maybe you will change your mind when those dollar signs stop flowing and you begin to feel the pinch in your pocketbook.

And you wonder why people like me, born and raised in the Christian faith, turn on it and leave it behind like a snake skin.

People like you are why.

Never yours,

Anthony G. Milhorn.



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