AEARS: Appalachian Energy and Anomaly Research Society: Welcome back!



Its with no small amount of effort and time that I’m proud to say that myself and my team are once again conducting paranormal investigations. My life keeps pushing me in this direction, and I’ve been trying to steer my own course for several years now but it seems like this is where I am meant to be. I started my own team ten years ago as PSI Paranormal, which evolved into Southern States Paranormal Research Society as we joined and worked the TAPS Family and now, after four years of absence, we are back, armed with ten years of experience under our belts with new theories, new gear and a new perspective on analytics, the scientific method and experimentation.  My team has united and we are more than ready to go after anything that bumps in the night and bump back.

AEARS operates on technological principles, objective measurement of environmental changes to corroborate subjective paranormal experiences with the ultimate goal of being able to design technology that will allow us to directly record or interact with the psychic world, assuming it exists.

We do not charge for investigations and still maintain a relationship with the TAPS Family and the TAPS network, though we ourselves are not currently TAPS Family at the present time.

If you have a haunting or psychic experience you would like to share or have investigated, please let us know. We are also looking into reports of cryptids and UFOs. If you have questions or need more information, please see our website and use one of our contact forms so we can be ready to answer your call.

Work on AEARS will only add to the depth of this blog and I can’t wait to get back in the field. I’ve truly missed active investigations! Will you help me spread the word? Thanks to my wonderful readers.


AEARS Website:


— Anthony Justus.


About Anthony Justus

Paranormal investigator, writer, seeker of knowledge and truth in all its forms, dark and light. Nothing is what it seems; there is nothing so strange as truth and truth is elusive as the shadow cast in the deepest night.
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