Live Paranormal Q and A! Tonight @ 6PM EST!

Hello my dear readers!

Tonight I will be trying something new. As an extension of the blog, at 6:00 PM EST, I will be hosting a live video feed from my Facebook which will deal with the paranormal where you can ask any question of me about my beliefs, my experiences, my thoughts and theories on the supernatural, UFOs, ghosts, cryptids or anything that comes to mind!

I’d like to see as many of you there as I can so please look me up on Facebook, send me a message and add me! Let’s have a great session! I’ll have coffee and hopefully lots of you and your questions!

Facebook Link: AJ’s Facebook: Click Here!


— Anthony Justus!


About Anthony Justus

Paranormal investigator, writer, seeker of knowledge and truth in all its forms, dark and light. Nothing is what it seems; there is nothing so strange as truth and truth is elusive as the shadow cast in the deepest night.
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