About the Author

This is my personal project to document haunted locations around the world in an attempt to educate people about how the paranormal is interwoven into our cultures no matter where you are from as well as to spark an interest in local folklore and history.

I will also cover other legends and paranormal topics as well and add in a sprinkling of my own adventures in the strange and the weird. I’ll top it all of with some of my theories and scientific meanderings about the paranormal.

Now, who am I?


( My mug…literally and well, literally!)

Anthony Justus is my name and in 2003, I founded my own science based study and research team called S.S.P.R.S., to study paranormal phenomenon. We traveled the south taking cases from people and businesses who felt they had experienced something unusual for over a decade. We even were members of the TAPS Family for a period of time and were proud to carry the TAPS banner. We still maintain connections with them as well.

Much changed in the ten years, but what has not changed is that I still chase after the strange and unusual. While my investigating in the field has slowed, my urge for answers has not and I started my own blog, the Haunted Spots Library, to record my experiences and to chronicle the myths and legends from around the world. Too often are our histories cold facts, lacking the humanity, the human spirit, that made each time period the most exciting and often strange for its particular inhabitants. I wanted to not only preserve those myths and legends and experiences but perhaps from them, draw some nugget of understanding of the mechanism that drives psychic phenomenon. I also write for the Supernatural Magazine, an English publication and assist with articles when I can for the Spaced Out Radio show.

Southern States Paranormal Research Society is still active and if you live in the Appalachian area and need assistance or have questions about paranormal activity in your home or business, please visit us here and let us know how we can help: http://aearsparanormal.tripod.com/

I currently live in Kingsport, TN with my partner Ben Justus, fellow paranormal enthusiast, who’s hobbies include gaming, computer building, poi (Polynesian fire art) and putting up with me every day. He’s definitely got a talent for it.



— Anthony Justus, October 30, 2015.



I’ve upgraded my mug since the original posting two years ago of this bio. I now use a bigger tumbler. If coffee can beat the Borg, it can help me get through this crazy thing called life! — AJ, April, 9, 2017.


16 Responses to About the Author

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  2. Hey Anthony! You have a really nice blog! I’m enjoying reading your documentation!

    Each week on my blog I feature a haunted site. This is my third week in starting the feature. Take a look I hope you like it (: https://this21stcentlife.wordpress.com/haunted-sites/

  3. Connie Horton says:

    Just read your blog about Rotherwood as I am researching my husband’s genealogy. We are from Hawkins Co., but no longer live there. All of his lines on both sides came down from VA into what was Hawkins and what later became Hancock Co. I discovered that his 4 x great grandfather was a wealthy plantation owner in the Rotherwood area. He and his wife were given the land as a wedding gift from his wife’s parents who were also wealthy plantation owners and he a local judge. His War of 1812 record states he died in 1884 in Rotherwood, TN.
    I was horrified to read of the other local plantation owner who ran down the escaped slaves and killed them all. It worried me to think it might be his family. You said you knew the name of the person who did it but wouldn’t print because relatives still live in the area. Would you tell me if I gave you the name of my husband’s 4x gr grandfather – just a yes or no? I am making him a book of all my research. I want to be accurate and include everything I can find: the good, the bad, and the ugly (so far, no bad info).
    C. Horton

  4. Connie Horton says:

    Connie again…I’m sorry, I gave you the wrong death date of his 4 x gr grandfather. It was 1853. It was his widow that died in 1884.

  5. Dan says:

    I would like to get some information on a photo that is tied to your blog. I would like to find out who I need to contact about the copyright.

  6. Renee says:

    have you checked out the Pressmen’s Home in Rogersville? Looks interesting…

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