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Paranormal investigator, writer, seeker of knowledge and truth in all its forms, dark and light. Nothing is what it seems; there is nothing so strange as truth and truth is elusive as the shadow cast in the deepest night.

The Old Yorktown Hospital, narrated by Loren Dean.

Hey everyone! I was honored by Loren Dean aka the YouTuber lorenshining when she asked if she could narrate the article on the Old Yorktown Hospital. I said yes and she not only narrated it, but spiced it up with … Continue reading

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Theory in the Paranormal: Misuse of terms and technology. How can we move forward?

This will be a short article but it’s something that I thought about this morning as I got ready for the day, the notion lighting up in my as of yet non-caffeinated brain like fireworks. Many times, I have been … Continue reading

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Castle Stuart: Strange Connections and a Haunting that Killed.

It’s Saturday and today I’m thinking about connections, how the pieces of history and our lives often fall together in strange ways and even weirder coincidences. It’s usually a day that I do nothing on but today was different. Today, … Continue reading

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Live Paranormal Q and A! Tonight @ 6PM EST!

Hello my dear readers! Tonight I will be trying something new. As an extension of the blog, at 6:00 PM EST, I will be hosting a live video feed from my Facebook which will deal with the paranormal where you … Continue reading

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Shadow’s Reflection: My First Shadow Person Encounter

  “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings-always darker, emptier and simpler.” —   Friederich Nietzsche. A few years back, I wrote an article on shadow people and possible explanations for them. Looking back at that article, I find it lacking … Continue reading

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AEARS: Appalachian Energy and Anomaly Research Society: Welcome back!

  Its with no small amount of effort and time that I’m proud to say that myself and my team are once again conducting paranormal investigations. My life keeps pushing me in this direction, and I’ve been trying to steer … Continue reading

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EVP: Science, theory and explanations.

Electronic Voice Phenomena: An examination of the history of electronic voice phenomena related to the study of paranormal events, its methods, alternate explanations, analysis and documentation and how to collect and document EVP correctly. by: Anthony Justus       … Continue reading

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