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This section is shielded from the public and contains my personal drafts. If you get inside this room, consider yourself lucky!

Please support “WOLF” on WattPad and help me spread the word!

Hello everyone! Do you like werewolves and shape-shifters? Then take a peek at this!! I have a personal request of you, my dear readers. I normally write technical and non-fiction articles about the paranormal but did you know that I … Continue reading

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Live Paranormal Q and A! Tonight @ 6PM EST!

Hello my dear readers! Tonight I will be trying something new. As an extension of the blog, at 6:00 PM EST, I will be hosting a live video feed from my Facebook which will deal with the paranormal where you … Continue reading

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Shadow’s Reflection: My First Shadow Person Encounter

  “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings-always darker, emptier and simpler.” —   Friederich Nietzsche. A few years back, I wrote an article on shadow people and possible explanations for them. Looking back at that article, I find it lacking … Continue reading

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AEARS: Appalachian Energy and Anomaly Research Society: Welcome back!

  Its with no small amount of effort and time that I’m proud to say that myself and my team are once again conducting paranormal investigations. My life keeps pushing me in this direction, and I’ve been trying to steer … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Ghostbusters (2016).   The hate for this movie coming out is unlike anything I have ever seen for any movie franchise ever. This hate came from people calling themselves fans of the original and the cartoons. I admit, when I … Continue reading

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North Carolina: Hate Crime and My Thoughts.

For those of you who are readers of mine for all things scary and paranormal, I apologize to have to do this again but I feel I must. Once again, laws have been passed that do direct harm to people … Continue reading

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A Status Update: My brush with death.

I would like to apologize to my readers and followers. Recently, I fell ill with what I thought was a particularly nasty kidney or bladder infection and was treating it as such until one night I got so bad off … Continue reading

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