Paranormal Assistance and Evidence Analysis

For Assistance with a Paranormal Experience or Haunting (This includes UFOS and cryptids–Bigfoot, Dogman, Creatures, etc–):

I understand more than most people that you or your family may have had a strange experience that you cannot let go of and cannot explain. Perhaps it is still occurring or even if it was just a one time thing many years ago. Regardless, these experiences leave their mark, scars if you will, that refuse to be forgotten.

In our modern world of absolutes, anything that cannot be explained or understood in nuts and bolts terms of science and objectivity is dismissed as not worthy of study and those who have such experiences are often ignored, trampled or laughed out of their jobs and lives and therefore, many of those people never tell their tale or seek help when help is available.




Whether you need assistance with a haunting in your home or just need an outlet to tell about that one scary experience (or not so scary) that happened years ago and you just NEED to tell it to someone, please email me. Be assured, your story and experiences will remain confidential unless you let me tell your story.  If that is the case, you will always have the option to have your name and location and identifying details changed. If you want, you may remain anonymous as well. I have over ten years of experience and many resources at my disposal to help you. Please, if you feel you are alone, you are not. Reach out to me.

You can email me at Please put your subject as “Help” so I can pick it out of story submissions. I will respond as soon as possible and confidentially if you wish. I look forward to hearing from you and being of as much help as I can be. Remember, there is nothing to fear because fear is what we all share and together, we can overcome it.

For Evidence Analysis: 

Sometimes we may capture strange things in our photos, videos and audio recordings. These things can make us question our beliefs and doubt everything we know. It can scare us or make us weep for those we miss. If you feel that you have such evidence and want a strong, educated opinion as to what it is or is not, please feel free to email me as well.

When emailing me at for evidence analysis, please use the subject “Analysis” so I can pick it out from submissions. Also, please be prepared to have information handy that I will need during my analysis such as:

  • Date and time the recording/image was taken
  • Location image/recording was taken
  • Original media file (the original unaltered untouched file that has the picture, recording, video on it)
  • Who was present during the capture
  • Who took the image
  • Type of machine that captured the image (Cell phone, camera make and model, lenses that were attached, audio recorder make and model, etc)
  • Any other information that you feel is pertinent to the evidence itself.

Bear in mind, I am not in the business of confirming beliefs. I will analyze the submission and offer my opinion as to what it is and is not. I will also give a breakdown of how I reached my conclusion and the science behind it to support my analysis.

FINAL NOTE: On the subject of evidence analysis, the only type of photo I will not analyze is that of what are commonly called “orbs”. Orbs are often said to be spirits or energy or some type of manifestation but they are not. Absolutely are not. Do not send me those images. I will delete them straight out. Also, do not send me anything that you or a friend have no captured yourselves aka please do not pull a random image from the internet’s collection of ghost images and ask me to analyze it.



— Anthony Justus, 2015.